Rosi   "Kiss Of A Rose v. Shinb."  (Undercover Agent v. Shinb. x Fantastik Kashmir Mikelina)
Glossy  "Gloss And Glimmer  v. Shinb."  ( Art Of Winning N`Co x Unknown Lady v. Shinb.)
Bessi  "Weldan `s  Best For Shinbashi (Request N`Co  x Golden Medailon v. Shinb.)




Apollo and little Monkey  are two real stars without airs. Apollo is a bit introverted however, Monkey, is a real monkey, he constantly wants to be in the arms of his owner so that he can be in close proximity.

A great team and every customer were fascinated by them




Powder Puff by Shinbashi



Shinbashi Dogs dressed by VID Collection by dogi-fashion



Shinbashi Dogs dressed on by VID Collection by dogi-fashion



Everlasting Feeling & Endeavor


Refreshment in summer - New Dimension von Shinbashi


Charly and Art when playing


Shall we do it???


What are you looking at !?!?!


Our "R"-litters, born 2005, became a little cat as friend.


they all love itl!


Tenessy and pig Ivo playing.  


As you see that airbrush, I'm in the  neighbourhood

Rudolf Mooshammer(1940 - 2005) , a friend from Amicelli von Shinbashi.                                                                                                    

...again cat for breakfast ???   



Tick, Trick und Track !!!!



Andy a real biker !!!



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